Experience luxury of absolute comfort breathing and protection with globally proven technologies.

ViroSlay™ Antiviral Face Masks are crafted using multiple innovative textile technologies. The multilayers of the mask are made of fabrics with inherently antimicrobial properties. The entire mask is treated with HEIQ VIROBLOCK, proven to kill bacteria and viruses within minutes as well as HEIQ SMART TEMP, which keeps you cool in hot weather. With the use of sustainable and special soft- touch fabrics, ViroSlay™ Antiviral Masks feel like butter and fit like a glove, so you can wear them all day!

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Antiviral Treatment

The antiviral treatment powered by HEIQ VIROBLOCK kills bacteria and viruses on the surface and makes the mask self sanitising. This reduces cross-contamination caused while handling the product.

Intelligent Thermo-regulation

HEIQ SMART TEMP enables the mask to dynamically respond to body heat. A cooling function is activated when you're hot & sweaty and deactivated once cooling is achieved.

Activated Carbon Filtration

An integrated layer of Activated Carbon filters out allergens, unpleasant odors, and volatile organic compounds, so you can breathe in cleaner air.

Washable up to 30 times

Washable up to 30 times at 40°C (104°F). The Antiviral efficacy, initially 99.99%, reduces to ca. 99% after 30 washes.

Enhanced Breathability

All fabrics used in the making of ViroSlay™ masks have been tested of excellent vapour permeability and breathability.

Odor Control

The combination of antimicrobial fabrics, activated carbon filtration and an antiviral treatment, ViroSlay™ masks keeps odor at bay.

Anti-fogging Snug Fit

An integrated, metallic, bendable nose strip makes the mask sit just right on you're nose & cheek, allowing for an anti-fogging snug fit.

Adjustable Ear Loops

ViroSlay™ SmartCool Masks feature soft, elastic ear loops with cord locks which allow the wearer achieve a personalised fit.

Sustainable Soft-touch Fabrics

ViroSlay™ Antiviral Masks made of sustainable, soft-touch fabrics like Recycled Polyester, Bio-Cotton and Tencel™ - Satin.

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